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Lets look into GUI and my personal preferences first, then I will share one simple and one complicated package as example. 1) Main Tab Overwrite Mode: I always select Overwrite all files option to always use newest files in my package for future updates. GUI Mode: For silent/unattended and portable apps I use Hide all GUI Window option. Extraction Path: I always extract my packages to %temp ...Forums. Questions and Reports . Why most components locked and can't be removed in NTLite? Thread starter Muhammad Bahaa; Start date Jan 15 ... NTLite understands what the feature dependencies are. Removing a component could trigger other components to be uninstalled, because they stop working.A forum is not a great medium to preserve information. Not everyone in NTLite community is a power user. If we can read what others experienced when removing said components we can make better choices and educate ourselves on the operating system. ... NTLite's info panel is too limited for any length of meaningful information. By layman terms I ...

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Suggestion: Forum Attachment Size. Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: The generic thumbnails for file attachments on the forum have …Okay, I just tried bringing Win7 SP1 up to Convenience Rollup using an older NTLite, v Interestingly, when I added the Convenience Rollup KB, NTLite told me that I needed two more KB's, both SSU's. KB459210 and KB4474419, both issued WAY after the date of the CR. Anyway, I thought that perhaps adding these extra SSU's would fix things.May 23, 2006 ... XtremeSystems Forums - Powered by vBulletin. Help. Remember Me? What's New? Forum · FAQ · Calendar; Community. Groups · Albums · Member List.The chat, forums etc. were completely dumbed down to the point where private channels etc. were created to filter them out. I can go on all day about this all but it all stems from Windows 10 being bloated. Reply reply ... Sure, it's not as drastic as using NTLite and similar tools, but at least it gets rid of what I don't want in my system. Reply reply more …Forum: Questions and Reports Bug: Xbox Components Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Resolved) Summary: NTLite was combining Xbox components together, which meant trying to remove just some of those features resulted in them all being uninstalled.Forums. Questions and Reports . Windows 11 Pro ISO Gamer OS. Thread starter BigBoss1070; Start date May 10, 2023; B. BigBoss1070 New Member. May 10, 2023 ... it is disrespectful to the community and also to Nuhi. NTLite is a tool to help you make your own version. Reactions: Hellbovine, garlin and Necrosaro. G. garlin Moderator. Staff member ...Load an image, use a full ISO content in a folder. Go to the Updates page. Add - Templates - .NET 3.5 Framework. Apply - Process. To do the same on an already deployed OS and install .NET 3.5: Source page - toolbar Tools - Install Updates.my freinds using this os and i want to make with diferent style. when the install is complete the windows display like this (see image). is there a post setup script to run and implement this when the install is complete? 1. Apply Custom theme. 2. Apply Permanent Old New Explorer in windows explorer. 3. Icon Pack.Sep 30, 2017 · NTLite Supported Operating Systems NTLite documentation, Guides, How To's and relevant Topics. Forum BB codes, Licensing/Activation issues, Contact page. Essentials - ISO and Language Pack download links ISO download - Windows 10/8.1/7 --- ISO SHA1 Hash Archive Language pack downloads - Windows... Nov 11, 2018. #3. nuhi The price of a Home license here is equivalent to between 2 and 4 hours labour costs in a pc repair shop, either a small high street shop or a major retailer and they are one off costs. A home license is Lifetime with support. Even if you get 1 license per machine you have, you have that pc or laptop for 5 years or more ...Jul 29, 2020 ... MSMG Toolkit ile ekleyebilirsin. https://forum.donanimhaber.com//mesaj/yonlen/119290699 ... NTLite programının lisansı lazım.Cracklı felan olmuyor ...Nuhi's workaround is running 21H2 (unedited) inside a VM, load NTLite there and do the integration. Yes, that's a lot of work. But some versions of DISM cannot be transplanted because of host compatibility.For NTLite forum, we don't support modified ISO's downloaded from the web. NTLite is about updating original Windows ISO images yourself, since you don't know what's inside other people's images. Many users have created dual-architecture ISO's on this forum. Use the search function to see previous threads.in short: get any UUP you want, NTLite will provide latest updates. Details: For example the one that you mentioned, 10..22000.160. The .160 part is the cumulative update version. Find the highest number when downloading an image if you want the UUP to integrate updates, or what I suggest: Pick any 22000 UUP image, but don't integrate updates ...Hello. I am a new user of NTLite and I am trying to build my own Windows 10 ISO. Everything works quite fine right now except for one thing. I am trying to start some commands in the post-setup to automatically login in my WiFi. ... Forum: Questions and Reports; T. Webcam Test. I have a custom Win10 image for a bunch of Lenovo machines that I ...May 12, 2023. #4. Normal users don't need to sysprep images if NTLite can handle adding your drivers, updates and 3rd-party app installs. Some experts do sysprep to work around a technical problem, or to speed up installs by merging apps into the image. But that requires the extra capture work every time, and you lose flexibility because ...Forum: Questions and Reports Win10 21H1 Live modification issue Hi, I tried to remove EDGE & Defender from my Win10 installed v21H1.899 & while, the defender seems to be removed completely, but even after a reboot, the edge is showing over here in START as a result if typed & in App List also, showing this Here is the preset attached Using the ...Finally, i joined a thread at some forum, where a bunch of people already discussed the issue. NTLite Forums Discussion: NVIDIA Display Driver (nvlddmkm.sys) DPC Latency. Update #1 (October 7th, 2022): this thread has evolved as we all learned more about the issue.It isn't free for the good stuff, but NTLite allows you to extract the ISO, debloat it, then create a new ISO for a clean build. Greatly ...May 18, 2023. #701. Download the latest NTLite build (2023.5.9249), and do: - Load live host. - Preset / Save / Extract current image state. This will create a reverse preset listing what's currently on your system. Attach the preset file here. They won't be any personal data revealed in the save file.When a preset is updated the older versions will remain so users can roll back to an earlier version if they want to. Place the Registry folder inside the NTLite Program Files directory so any registry file can be called directly if they are part of a preset. Preset pack layout. 6.1.SP1 = Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.© 2014-2023 Nlitesoft. Home; Features; Download; Changelog; Shop; Support; Documentation; Blog; Contact; Privacy PolicyNTLite developer. Staff member. Mar 10, 2021. #8. neTo have to pre-install Windows to get to know what to update is im Latest profile posts. Necrosaro. Anyone looking forward to 23H2. Sep 25, 2023 •••. C. cpete2112 Savitarax. I just noticed your youtube channel and love the content, you are the man, I'm getting started on most of your tweaks but dont really know where to start, i've used process lasso for a couple of years now but you show how to really ...NTLite allways save an Auto-saved session {X}. I allways need to delete all auto saved presets. Is possible to disable auto saved session when the user had loaded or saved and preset ? Thanks for read my post. Thanks very much for your software. Have an nice day. Looking around on the forums the fix seems to be to enable 3) The NTLite program has several built-in presets that you can experiment with. These can be selected from a drop-down in the program's menu bar. 4) Keep making your own image and steal bits and pieces you like from other places, such as those items above. TenForums also has a lot of great tutorials to get registry keys you can integrate into ... Forum statistics. Threads 106,971 Messag

Can't launch link in application. in Browsers & Mail. My friend uses Sopcast to watch sporting events. The way it should work is you click a link in your browser that looks like this: sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/12345 and the right channel should open up in the Sopcast software. They use Windows 7 and IE 9, but it only works right for them ...Jul 24, 2020. #2. So to clarify I'm using the Windows 10 X64 2004 iso created by the Media Creation Tool. To try and figure this out, I used the iso to create a Windows 10 2004 Home image, and though NTlite, applying all the same settings. When I install the Windows 10 Home 2004 image onto a computer it does report home.Overview NTLite is the best program for making an ISO for a Windows Environment. You have every option you could need, but is often overwhelming for new …Member. Nov 7, 2021. #6. Clanger said: prolly cause the missed components and settings are not availible in Free/Unlicensed mode. im guessing,,,, Did you have a license for NTLite, if yes could you send me in a DM the presets . I wanna check which components are being remove in each preset but since I got the free version I'm limited.Mega Drive (Files)https://mega.nz/folder/FnYh0AJY#oqgVqOqg68KtXQbF-rzP2gNtlitehttps://www.ntlite.com/Windowshttps://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download...

W11 22H2 Taskbar - Classic not working. Hello, NTLite version 2023.10.9447 Windows 11 Professional 22H2 x64 - 10.0.22621.1702 1st time trying to create a Windows 11 Pro image with NTLite. Set it up just as I needed and to my surprise, the setting Taskbar - Classic is not working. As in: start menu is not opening at all.Oct 22, 2023 · Aug 14, 2021. #5. Checking your preset here on Notepad and what I noticed here in just a moment (need see all the preset). Delivery Optimization - I recommend to not remove because this is used by Desktop App Installer and files like .appx, .msixbundle files which allow users reinstall the UWP apps. …

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. When I tried to disable the "News and interests" fea. Possible cause: Today we are going to make a custom Windows 11 ISO using a program called NTLite. .

microsoft account. Intel Graphics Command Center won't budge. (Laptop) I've been having problems trying to make this damn thing work while still having a the decently debloated ISO that NTLite makes, for the past week or so wiht no result. So if anyone know what Components, Services, Registry Keys and the such are needed to make this thing work ...Jan 18, 2023 · There's two ways of adding multiple user accounts: 1. Unattended's Add local account wizard. View attachment 9078. View attachment 9079. 2. Create additional users with Post-Setup commands: View attachment 9082. NTLite can't import existing autounattend files to the preset, but you can copy it to the ISO folder. Most of them I did not had to disable because the full components of them were gotten ridden of anyway. I usually disable DNS Client (cache), BITS, backup, updates, homegroup, IPv6 transition technologies, and the connected/cloud stuff because I don't use any of that stuff. So I also disabled Connected Devices Platform User Service_.

NTLite Forums Discussion: NVIDIA Display Driver (nvlddmkm.sys) DPC Latency. Update #1 (October 7th, 2022): this thread has evolved as we all learned more about the issue. It turns out there appears to be a problem in Windows or the Nvidia drivers that is causing huge DPC spikes, and all of Google has no solutions, though...Feb 28, 2019. #1. When using my usual autounattend.xml, windows setup shows no images available where available images are listed. This only occurs when there is GPT formatted disk present in the target system. If I do not use my usual autounattend.xml file and run setup manually, the install succeeds. Therefore, something in my xml is to blame.

Forums. Questions and Reports . [SOLVED] NVIDIA Control Pa Oct 7, 2017. #1. There are many components that most of us don't know if it safe to remove or not because some needs an explanation more than a description and i would like to post here the apps' name and what (i think) they do. Hardware Support. Internet Printing Client . Needed for printing from Windows Apps . . Mar 19, 2023. #1. On the internet there aPenthouse Letters Magazine can be read f Automated application deployment. NTLite Post-setup discussions, including parameters for silent application installs. 1. 2. 3. Select image file. Select Operating System – ‘Windows 10’ (if Apr 1, 2022 · Well-Known Member. Apr 1, 2022. #1. This guide discusses the default resource usage of a clean install of Windows 10 Home 21H2. This information is needed by people tweaking the operating system so they can compare their installation to the defaults and see if they are making progress on reducing overhead. There are many different aspects of ... Oct 5, 2023 · Steps for making Up-to-Date Windows 10/11 ISO filForums. Questions and Reports . W11 Hyper-V function canWindows 11 Forum is dedicated to helping you find The proper way to skip UserOOBE is to create a local account from Unattended. Now if you want to use a MS account, this option doesn't work and you must walk thru OOBE. SkipUserOOBE without defining any account leaves W10 & W11 stuck in install. Basically if you're on W10 or W11, don't touch those settings. Now I need to add some files to it's desk Join the NTLite Forums to share and discuss your questions, reports, and suggestions about Windows 10 and 11 tweaks. Find the latest posts on topics such as … Dynamics 365 Customer Service is getting a few new fe[7240 Beta on Nov 27, 2019. Not freeware for the functioxCom. Member. Thursday at 1:46 PM. #1. Hello! Since ye Forums. Questions and Reports . Why most components locked and can't be removed in NTLite? Thread starter Muhammad Bahaa; Start date Jan 15 ... NTLite understands what the feature dependencies are. Removing a component could trigger other components to be uninstalled, because they stop working.this suggestion is for this forum domain, not for Ntlite app. Can we move towards some latest domain or implement a dark mode here? It is really painful for the eyes especially nowadays when most of the websites/domains are adhering the dark mode. I hope the admin/moderators here of this domain will consider this for implementation.